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Welcome to the Wilson Family Webpage.  To family reviewing this website, we send lots of love and to visitors, welcome! 

Wilson Family Motto: "With God All Things Are Possible!"

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  Are You Ready! See you at our 2016 Family Reunion!

 July 14th-17th ~ Las Vegas, CA!

Reunion Committee:

Lynn Ford

Vynie Ford

Paige Horace

Martha McDaniel

Bonnie Peterson

Sarah Robbins




President: Sarah Robbins

Vice President: James Horace

Secretary:  Tyrone Hobbs

Treasurer: Martha McDaniel

Advisor: Lois Brown



Website Administrator: Necie Wilson ~ Email me at

Aunt Bea orchestrated our first family reunion in 1970



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It is graduation time again and those of us who have lived many years will tell you with certainty that Education is important because we have lived and seen the benefits of it.  Education can be a key to an unimaginable and wonderful future.  I'd like to give a special shoutout to those who put in the work to go to school and graduate, from those who graduate(d) to first grade to anyone who kept it going and graduate(d) from Middle School, High School, or College!  You make us PROUD! Love Necie

SHOUT OUT FROM: Necie Wilson to My Nephew, known as Magruff Muttley ~ 1/11/15 ~ For his music and graphics business!

Check out the "Family Links" page for a link to his song titled "Father's Day (He Needs Me)"!

Click the "Family Album" link at the top of the page to see photos from our first family reunion and recent reunion photos. Check back every so often for new photos.

Click the "Love Always" link at the top of the page for a special memorial page, a tribute to our love ones who have passed on.



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Historical Sketch of our Family Reunions:

The first reunion was born in Mattie Reynolds Home in Philadelphia, PA. Present during the discussion were Ed Wilson and wife Ella, Lonnie Wilson, Willie and Beatrice Ford, Mattie Reynolds, and Martha McDaniel.

With guidance of the Holy Spirit, dedication and prayer, Beatrice N. Ford accepted the responsibility of President. Other important members of the board: Lois Carr Brown - First Vice President, Essie Mae Miley - Second Vice President, Lola Mae Brunlidge - Executive Secretary, Ruby Jean Moore - Recording Secretary, Mattie Reynolds - Financial Secretary, Rubin Sconiers - Treasurer, plus other committee and advisors.

The first family reunion began on August 3, 1970 and was held at the home of the late Mr & Mrs Lonnie Wilson of Dothan, Alabama. Two families were present: Wilson and Thompson

The second family reunion, began on August 5, 1971 and was held at the home of the late Nellie Sconiers and Ellen Willie Sconiers of Panama City, FL. Three families were present: Wilson, Thompson, and Sconiers.

The third family reunion, began on August 12, 1972 and was held at the home of Mattie Russell of Macon, GA. Three families were present: Wilson, Thompson, and Sconiers.

The forth family reunion began on August 11, 1973 and was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs M.C. Wilson of Jekin, GA. Four families were present: Wilson, Thompson, Sconiers, and Pouncy.

[Starting in 1984, the family reunions were held every 2 years.]

Lois Brown

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Hello Family Members,

Please send your pictures, clips, comments, and suggestions for this website to me at I'd appreciate it if you'd also send me old pictures you have of our earlier generations so I can post them on our website.

Many thanks to Lois who has provided me with so much information to add to the website and I hope you enjoy!

Love Necie Wilson, Daughter of Arthur C. & Nellie Wilson, Website Creator and Administrator

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