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Our Family History

This page is dedicated to documenting our family tree. Many thanks to the family members who spent countless hours collecting the information. The tree begins with Peter and Mary Wilson of Geneva County, Alabama (listed as Generation No. 1). Birth dates and locations have been omitted since this is a public site.

If you have more to add, please share with us by emailing information to (link available at the bottom of the homepage.

Be sure to ask for more at the reunion!



1.  Peter Wilson was born and passed in Geneva County, Alabama.  Throughout his life he married Mary (1) and Mary Clark (2) and met Lizzy Ruttland (3).

 Children of Peter and Mary are:

*2     i.  Versie Wilson -2

*3    ii.  Allen Wilson

 Children of Peter and Mary Clark are:

 *4    i. Allie B. Wilson -2

*5    ii. Mattie Bell Wilson

*6    iii. Lonnie E. Wilson

*7    iv. Nellie Wilson

*8     v. Sabie Wilson

*9    vi. Z.Y. Wilson

*10 vii. Foy Wilson

*11 viii. Will Wilson

 Children of Peter Wilson and Lizzy Ruttland are:

*12    i. Ellen Wilson -2



2. Versie 2 Wilson (Peter 1) was born and passed in Chancellar, Alabama. She married Ollie Pouncey on May 28, 1914.

Children of Versie Wilson and Ollie Pouncey are:

13. i. John 3 Pouncey

14. ii. Archie M. Pouncey

15. iii. Jim Dale Pouncey

16. iv. Reales Pouncey

17. v. Katheryn Pouncey

18. vi. Jessie Pouncey

19. vii. Hilda Pouncey

    .  Jessie Pouncey

3. Allen 2 Wilson (Peter 1). He married Annie Laura.

Children of Allen and Annie are:

20. i. Versie 3 Wilson.

21. ii. Ruth Wilson

22. iii. Lizzie B. Wilson

4. Allie B. 2 Wilson (Peter 1) was born in Daleville, Alabama and passed in Macon Georgia in 1989. She married William Letson.

Children of Allie and William are:

23. i. Ina B. 3 Letson

24. ii. Edward Letson

25. iii. Peter Letson

5. Mattie Bell 2 Wilson (Peter 1) was born in Geneva County, Alabama and passed in Macon, Georgia. She married (1) Frankie Newton and (2) Jim Russell.

Children of Mattie and Frankie:

26. i. Jessie Newton

27. ii. Frankie P Lanier Newton – She married (1) Lee Mosley and (2) Henry Lee Moore.

Children of Mattie and Jim:

28. i. Jimmy Russell

29. ii. Jean Russell

6. Lonnie E. 2 Wilson (Peter 1) married Vinnie Wilson

Children of Lonnie and Vinnie:

30. i. Beatrice Wilson. She married Willie Ford

31. ii. M.C. Wilson

32. iii Arthur C. Wilson

33. iv. Mattie Wilson

34. v. Doris Wilson

35. vi. Ruby Wilson

36. vii. Willie C. Wilson. He married Bernice

7. Nellie 2 Wilson (Peter 1). She married Willie Sconiers.

Children of Nellie Wilson and Willie Sconiers are:

37. i. Irene 3 Sconiers

38. ii. Essie Sconiers

39. iii. Homer Mills Sconiers

40. iv. Mary Sconiers

41. v. Johnny Sconiers

42. vi. Jeanette Sconiers. She married Richard Steale.

43. vii. Lola Sconiers

44. viii. Gladys Sconiers

45. ix. Alfreda Sconiers

46. x. Willie Sconiers

8. Sabie 2 Wilson (Peter 1). She married John Johnson.

Children of Sabie and John are:

47. i. Thelma Johnson

48. ii. Lois Johnson

49. iii. Rachael Johnson

50. iv. Isaac Johnson

51. v. Porter Johnson

52. vi. Tip Johnson

53. vii. Grover Johnson

9.- 10 ( To be updated)

11. Will 2 Wilson (Peter 1)

Children of Will are:

54. i. Mary 3 Johnson

55. ii. Obie Johnson

12. Ellen 2 Wilson (Peter 1) was born in Geneva County, Alabama. She married Jim Jordan.

Children of Ellen and Jim are:

56. i. Earleen Jordan

57. ii. Sanda Jordan

58. iii. James Michael Jordan

59. iv. Jeffery Lee Jordan

60. v. Richard Calvin Jordan

61. vi. Lillie F. Jordan




13. John Pouncey (Versie2, Peter1) was born in Chancellar, Alabama. He married Daisy Lee Sconiers, daughter of Dan Sconiers and Louvenea

Children of John and Daisy are:

62. i. Elenor Pouncey

63. ii. John Pouncey

64. iii. Johnnie Will Pouncey

65. iv. Openell Pouncey

66. v. Floyd Pouncey

14. Archie M Pouncey (Versie2, Peter 1) was born in Chancellar, Alabama. She married J.T. Carter in Alabama)

Children of Archie Pouncey and J.T. Carter are:

67. i. Vanilla Carter

68. ii. Rudolph Carter

69. iii. L.C. Carter

70. iv. Mary Carter

71 v. Martha Carter

72. vi. Waymon E Carter

73. vii. Ceneva Carter


15.  Jim Dale Pouncey (Versie2 Wilson, Peter1)  was born in Chancellar, Alabama.

 Children of Jim Dale Pouncey are:

74.       i.  Sadie4 Pouncey

75.     ii.  Jimmy D. Pouncey

76.    iii.  Flora Bell Pouncey

77.     iv.  Allie Bea Pouney

78.      v.  Dorothy B Pouncey


16.  Reales3 Pouncey (Versie 2 Wilson, Peter1) was born Dale, County, Alabama.  He married Katherleen Thompson. 

Children of Reales Pouncey and Katherleen Thompson are:

79.     i.  Ollie Pouncey


80.    ii.  Versie Pouncey